Michael Welch is a graduate of the Pacific University Writing Program. His recent publications include “Framed Beside Her” in Crack the Spine, “New Room” in SNReview, “Whatever Helps Gravity” in Stealing Time, and “Letters from the Front”, an essay about his work in Folsom Prison, in The Mankind Project Reader. His flash “The Rental” was a finalist in New Millennium writing contest this past year. “Yo—Dad” is upcoming in Big Bridge, “In Real Life” in Foxing Quarterly, and “Framed Beside Her” in Crack The Spine’s Anthology 2013

He grew up in Greenwich Village, in the 60’s, amidst peace marches and Go-Go dancers in store windows, in a basement apartment that his family was finally kicked out of due to the “Cellar Dwellar” ban.  They moved to the South Bronx, not far from Yankee Stadium, hell for Mets fan.

NewspaperAfter that, Long Island, until he fled for grad school at UC Berkeley (pictured: being arrested during an anti-apartheid demonstration… if only his shirt hadn’t gotten hooked on that damned nail!).

He now lives in Eugene, OR, with his wife-Mia, family photo girls-Macy and Cleo, mastiffs-Sophie and Otis, aged cat-Milo, and various turtles, chickens, fish (the girls want him to list all their names too, but he refuses), where, amongst writing and other things, he does week-long training intensives with inmates at Folsom State Prison.